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Wicked Local: January 7, 2019
"Frame simply has one of the most-striking voices out there..."
The Herald News: August 8, 2018
"...(A) beautifully produced, poignantly delivered Americana landscape..."
Jazz Weekly: August 6, 2018
"She knows how to tell a story..."
5 Finger Review: June 23, 2018
"Sparrow in a Shoebox takes this group to a whole new level of inspired..."
Elmore Magazine: June 19, 2018
"This woman writes great songs and has the pipes to deliver them, along with super strong production instincts."
The Rocking Magpie: June 12, 2018
"Sparrow in a Shoebox, just like those early albums by Nanci, Lucinda, Mary and Emmylou, could easily be filed under both Country and Folk but more likely these days under Americana; with fans of all styles finding plenty to like and indeed love here."
No Depression: June 02, 2018
"...the music here is consistently first-rate."
TJ Music Album Premier: May 22, 2018
"Frame and the Kickers have distinguished themselves as the real deal..."
Red Line Roots First Listen: January 26, 2016
"Another great tune from a great band."
No Depression: December 5, 2014
" impressive snapshot of a group with a truly powerful potential."
Red Line Roots First Listen: September 10, 2014
"A short and concise project that showcases a lot of what this band does so well. Rock n’ roll, well written songs, and Frame’s really beautiful, but somewhat edgy, vocal put at the forefront of the songs. I think they got something here."
No Depression: June 30, 2014
"Words of praise from Steve Morse, former Boston Globe music critic, adorn Liz Frame and the Kickers’ website: “Once in a while an album cuts right to your heart. Liz Frame and the Kickers’ Sooner is that record.”  Believe me, those kind of quotes are worth their weight in gold."
Sing Out!: August 21, 2012
"In an age of saccharine sentimentality and willowy vocals, Liz Frame offers a mature alternative. Her songs are soaked in the brine of experience, and she can knock down the walls with her powerful far-ranging voice..."

Liz Frame & The Kickers

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